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ABC Soaps in Depth (1/2 yr)
ABC Soaps in Depth (1/2 yr) Magazine
Your Price $22.97
Personal stories from your favorite soap stars including in-depth coverage, news and previews of soap opera shows on ABC. Please note this is for a 6 month subscription.
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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
Your Price $32.97
On Sale! $19.97
Stories in the field of crime, suspense, mystery, and detection. Includes reviews of books, plays, movies, radio & TV, as well as puzzles & articles on the subject of mystery! ...
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Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine
Your Price $34.97
On Sale! $21.75
Modern science fiction, science fact and fantasy stories concerning the new, the old, the future and beyond. Also includes book, movie, radio and television reviews, editorials and science puzzles. ...
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Billboard - Digital
Billboard - Digital Magazine
Your Price $99.00
You will find award winning and indepth coverage of every aspect of the music and entertainment business worldwide. Plus your print subscription includes online access to member services.
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Black Masks
Black Masks Magazine
Your Price $28.00
For nearly 28 years, Black Masks has provided subscribers with a premier source of Black entertainment news, particularly about Black theater and other Black performing, literary and visual arts throughout the United States and abroad. The articles i...
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Blouin Lifestyle
Blouin Lifestyle Magazine
Your Price $29.99
Blouin Lifestyle is a new exciting initiative in luxury lifestyle publishing: a magazine for affluent buyers and collectors of art, jewelry, fashion, motor cars, watches and wine; blended with luxury lifestyle news and features from the worlds premie...
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Bomb Magazine - Digital
Bomb Magazine - Digital Magazine
Your Price $16.00
Conversations between artists, writers, directors, and musicians since 1981,
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Boxoffice Magazine
Your Price $59.95
On Sale! $54.45
Every month, Boxoffice delivers the latest news on films in development and in production, reviews of movies in release, exclusive interviews with stars, directors and producers, up-to the-minute information on technology and industry insider views.
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Casino Player Magazine
Casino Player Magazine Magazine
Your Price $24.00
Casino Player, the #1 gaming magazine, teaches the gaming customer how to play casino games better and longer as well as helps them enjoy the entire gaming experience with tips, strategies and gaming news from the best gaming writers in the nation.
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CBS Soaps in Depth (1/2 yr)
CBS Soaps in Depth (1/2 yr) Magazine
Your Price $22.97
Personal stories from your favorite soap stars including in-depth coverage, news and previews of soap opera shows on CBS. Please note this is for a 6 month subscription.
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CBS Watch! - Digital
CBS Watch! - Digital Magazine
Your Price $11.99
Watch is the official magazine of CBS, a glossy, entertainment focused magazine that gives readers a window into the world of glamour and celebrity through their favorite stars. From revealing profiles of TV's biggest talents to behind the scenes fea...
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Channel Guide Magazine
Channel Guide Magazine Magazine
Your Price $35.00
Channel Guide Magazine makes it easy for you to navigate the vast world of TV entertainment. Every month, you’ll receive an issue (over 200 pages in every one!) packed with daily programming grids, A-to-Z movie listings, exclusive interviews, viewin...
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Closer Magazine
Your Price $89.97
This magazine features celebrities that Gen Xers grew up watching and focuses on positive stories instead of scandals. It also includes age-appropriate advice on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, diet, recipes and decorating.
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Consciousness Magazine
Consciousness Magazine Magazine
Your Price $24.00
Consciousness Magazine – “Urban Inspiration,” is committed to raising the level of consciousness of the residents in our community. The mission of Consciousness Magazine is to promote understanding, make a difference in society, touch hearts, as well...
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Film Comment
Film Comment Magazine
Your Price $28.50
Awarded the “Best Arts Coverage” prize by The Utne Reader in 2007, the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Film Comment magazine is published bi-monthly. For nearly 50 years, an award-winning mix of critical essays, interviews, festival coverage, and re...
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Globe Magazine
Your Price $129.48
On Sale! $109.48
Every week, Globe covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice, and celebrity fashions. ...
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HGTV Magazine
Your Price $25.00
HGTV Magazine is a fresh, new home lifestyle magazine that gives readers inspiring, real-life solutions for all the things that homeowners deal with every day -- from painting to pillows to property values -- in an upbeat and engaging way.
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HOLA! USA - English Version
HOLA! USA - English Version Magazine
Your Price $16.99
News & pictures from the world of celebrity, royalty, entertainment, film & music, as well as fashion trends, health, beauty & celebrity profiles.
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HOLA! USA - Spanish Version
HOLA! USA - Spanish Version Magazine
Your Price $16.99
¡HOLA! USA, tu revista de celebridades y estilo de vida para disfrutar de los grandes momentos.
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Hollywood Reporter (no CA orders)
Hollywood Reporter (no CA orders) Magazine
Your Price $110.00
Hollywood Reporter is the industry’s most complete weekly entertainment news and information source. For over 70 years The Hollywood Reporter has been delivering comprehensive coverage that insiders use to keep informed of the latest trends, changes,...
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In Touch
In Touch Magazine
Your Price $75.00
In Touch is the perfect weekly magazine devoted entirely to the world of celebrity for the on-the-go reader. It's packed with the latest celebrity gossip, stunning photos and fashion, plus articles that touch the heart.
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Interview Magazine
Your Price $19.97
Explores the arts, entertainment, politics, fashion, music, sports, interior design, and society through tape recorded conversations with individuals. ...
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Life & Style Weekly
Life & Style Weekly Magazine
Your Price $77.48
The first weekly style magazine. Features the latest Hollywood fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends merged with celebrity news and shopping information.
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National Enquirer
National Enquirer Magazine
Your Price $129.48
On Sale! $109.48
The National Enquirer features exclusive, in-depth coverage and photos of late breaking news and events and goes behind the scenes to uncover what Enquiring Minds really want to know. Each weekly issue covers star and famous personalities plus human ...
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National Examiner
National Examiner Magazine
Your Price $129.48
On Sale! $109.48
Features stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. Also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz, and a weekly crossword puzzle. ...
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OK! Magazine
Your Price $59.95
OK! is a popular culture and entertainment magazine featuring celebrity interviews and photographs, Hollywood gossip, and fashion, beauty, diet, and health news.
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Portland Monthly
Portland Monthly Magazine
Your Price $16.95
Portland Monthly contains a delicious mix--snarky, funny, thought-provoking, illuminating -- wrapped up in a graphic package. City and Regional Magazine Association, 2005 -- Portland Monthly is the 2005 Gold medal winner for General Excellence.
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Science World
Science World Magazine
Your Price $39.95
Latest news and discoveries in every field of science, hands-on activities and critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. This is a Scholastic title and runs through the school year, September through May. Orders received after September will sta...
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SFX (UK) Magazine
Your Price $121.00
SFX is the Earth's greatest sci-fi and fantasy magazine. Covering all areas of sci-fi and fantasy across TV, movies, books, games, collectables and comics. Every month SFX delivers news, features, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, star...
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Soap Opera Digest
Soap Opera Digest Magazine
Your Price $94.97
On Sale! $74.97
Do you want to keep up with the daily soaps even if you can't always watch them? Soap Opera Digest comes to the rescue. Plot and character synopses of every daytime and prime time serials let you keep abreast of the goings-on at General Hospital and ...
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Star Magazine
Your Price $75.00
Every week Star Magazine covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Weekly features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and the latest celebrity fashions. ...
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Strictly Slots
Strictly Slots Magazine
Your Price $27.95
On Sale! $23.60
Strictly Slots Magazine is the nation's first publication written exclusively for Slot and Video Poker players. Each issue details and rates every new slot and video poker machine, and also suggests strategies to keep you playing longer.
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The Hollywood Reporter - Digital
The Hollywood Reporter - Digital Magazine
Your Price $99.00
Hollywood Reporter is the industry’s most complete weekly entertainment news and information source. For over 70 years The Hollywood Reporter has been delivering comprehensive coverage that insiders use to keep informed of the latest trends, changes,...
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Total Film (UK)
Total Film (UK) Magazine
Your Price $116.00
Total Film is the modern guide to movies. A cheeky, irreverent but always passionate and authoritative look at every part of the film world: from all the latest blockbusters, comic-book tent poles and sci-fi extravaganzas to the very best Oscar baite...
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True Confessions
True Confessions Magazine
Your Price $38.75
True Confessions is your glimpse into the forbidden! True Confessions is about love, romance, passion, hope, danger, inspiration. True Confessions is sexy, stimulating, scandalous.
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True Story
True Story Magazine
Your Price $37.99
Along with short romance,Coverage includes media personalities, stars and the behind the scenes information on Hollywood. ...
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TV Guide
TV Guide Magazine
Your Price $55.96
TV Guide holds the key to the world of entertainment. Each weekly issue keeps you up-to-date on the hottest shows, trends, celebrities and what's coming up. ...
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Walking Dead Magazine
Walking Dead Magazine Magazine
Your Price $39.96
The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine is filled with 100 pages of all access, no holds barred zombie festing and feasting. With all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the television show and the graphic novels. Get it, read it or be ...
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Watch! Magazine
Your Price $15.99
On Sale! $11.99
Watch! delivers exclusive entertainment content to involved, sophisticated readers who love pop culture. It offers readers an exclusive look at America's favorite TV shows, movies, fashion, travel, sports, news, and music.
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